The Shadow – 15oz White Ceramic NFT Mug


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This is your unique opportunity to own an authentic Designer Mug.

And the coolest part … The design on your Mug is an actual NFT Digital Artwork that sits on the Ethereum Blockchain.

YES, you can have your friends or work colleagues scan the QR Code on your mug with their phones, and immediately see the same NFT Artwork design on the Blockchain.

Be one of the first in the World to ‘drink from NFT Art’.  No joke!  NFT’s are THAT new … and this Mug is THAT cool!


The ‘shadow’ … full of thoughts and feelings we don’t want to see or admit about ourselves. It’s like a splinter, driving us mad, filling our heads with stories and untruths. Until one day we say to ourselves, “I’m ok” to look deep into the darkness and see what’s there. And bit by bit we see the light the Shadow contains. We find that true connection with ourselves, beyond the head stories. The Shadow is ultimately the biggest gift we have from our Soul, for facing it gives us a greater sense of personal power and authenticity in everything we do. Finally, we come to realize, we are OK … and always have been! 


ARTIST: Argentinian artist, Santi Soulas

TITLE:  The Shadow – From The Transformation Collection

CREATED: May 2021

MINTING: Original Design Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain


At a bold 15oz, you can be assured your new fav mug will deliver you more than enough coffee to rip through the morning – And its quality ceramic will keep that ‘get me through the afternoon’ tea steaming hot for ages. It’s microwave-safe (in case you get caught in that Zoom meeting longer than expected!) and can be washed in the dishwasher or easily cleaned with a mild detergent … or maybe just slip it into all of the other washing up and let someone else do it!  Either way, you’re going to love your new designer NFT mug! And as we say … Drink that Art!

.: White ceramic

.: 15 oz (0.44 l)

.: Rounded corners

.: C-handle


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